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Thursday, 15 November 2012

In the beginning

Don't read if:
-Introductions bore you OR
-You can't stand it when somebody talks about themselves

There's a very strong likelihood that you (the reader) have just scrolled back through the archive of this blog, and clicked on the first post. Why? I don't really know. Whenever I discover a new blog, I usually go back to the very beginning, and click on that first post. Just out of curiosity. To see what the first thing they wrote on it was. But maybe that's just me.

It's now November, 2012. As the year has progressed, I constantly seem to have found myself thinking, "If I had a blog, I'd go on it tonight and write about down this thought I just had." Or something eventful happened, and I wished I could blog about it. I was almost tempted to at times. I didn't though. I was doing Year 12 (in Australia this is that horrible year where you do the crucial final exams that get you into University), and promised myself that I would not blog. Far too distracting. I had lots of study to do. I would create a blog at the end of the year. After the exams.

And here it is.

Probably the first proper blog I've had. Yes, there was a rather silly thing I did in Year 11, where I went on a ski camp and each night I wrote down what had happened and emailed it to a heap of people at the camp, but that hardly counted as a blog. (Blog: a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. Emailed updates therefore don't count.) Plus I have been known to occasionally contribute to a collaborative blog that I'm sure you can find if you look hard enough. But this is my own.

Expect me to helpfully inform you of posts you shouldn't be reading. Expect me to bore you the rest of the time. Expect to close this webpage tab probably in the next 15 seconds and never come back to this site again. You've somehow stumbled across this blog, read the most recent post, flicked to this one, the original post, read it, and are now making up your mind as to whether you're going to read any more, or come back ever again.

Hopefully you've made up your mind by now.

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